Meteo-Pi is a connectivity device to allow you to connect your favorite Davis® weather station to Raspberry Pi mini computer.


Meteo-Pi also offers some important features:

  • LED indicators on the µHAT board provide a constant visual indication of communication between the console and Pi
  • All Raspberry Pi computers are green in the sense that they have very low power consumption. A Pi can be left running 24/7 and feeding your weather data up to the Internet while consuming no more electrical power than a small mains LED light
  • RTC: Meteo-Pi has a battery-backed real-time clock so that accurate time can be maintained on the Pi even after a mains outage
  • There is full electrical isolation between console and Pi so issues like ground loops leading to spurious readings cannot occur. This makes Meteo-Pi especially suitable for cabled VP2 installations. (Of course, Meteo-Pi works perfectly well with wireless stations too.)
  • Zero configuration required during set-up
  • No USB connection is involved, so potential issues like USB dropout, USB drivers, a separate USB hub etc are not relevant

Meteo-Pi set contains:

    • Meteo-pi data logger
    • Meteo-pi HAT
    • 4 wire cable – data transfer
    • 6 wire cable – data transfer + power supply for console