WiFiLogger is a 3rd party data logger to use with Davis weather stations consoles. Now you can enhance your console not only with memory to log your archive data, but also with Wi-Fi capability. With WiFiLogger your weather station will become truly Internet of Things device. WiFiLogger is an autonomous device. It doesn’t need a computer to post weather data to the Internet. All you need is an Internet service with router and Wi-Fi.


WiFiLogger has five main features:

  • built-in web interface to present current weather data, download archive records and make setup of Davis console in web browser
  • time synchronization by NTP
  • provides memory for archive records
  • post current weather data to major weather services:
    • WeatherLink.com – using your free account
    • Weather Underground with RapidFire
    • PWS – pwsweather.com
    • AWEKAS
    • CWOP
    • FTP – archive records file in CSV format
  • It can be configured to work with external software like: Cumulus, WeatherLink, Weather Display or any other with TCP connection.

System Requirements

  • Vantage Pro2 console(firmware 1.9+), or Weather Envoy(firmware 1.9+), or Vantage Vue console.
  • Web browser with HTML5 capability: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer 11.
  • Router with Wi-Fi and Internet service are required
  • Smartphone/laptop with Wi-Fi capability for first setup is required
  • not required for Vantage Connect products
  • not compatible with Envoy8X