Meteo-Pi Ethernet logger

Meteo-Pi Ethernet logger is a stand alone device to allow you to connect your favorite Davis® weather station to the Ethernet network.


Meteo-Pi Ethernet logger also offers some important features:

  • Autonomous data export with 1 min. interval to:, and PHP script on custom server
  • Export option to and PHP script support archive data from logger
  • Communication with PC software like WeatherLink PC, Cumulus etc. on port TCP 22222
  • Logger board does not generate additional heat inside the console
  • Long life batteries in console
  • Single cable console containing power and data transfer
  • Cable robust connection with the Internet and local network


  • Input voltage: 5V DC
  • Current consumption: 0.13A
  • Power: 0.65 Watt

Meteo-Pi Ethernet logger set contains:

    • Meteo-pi data logger
    • Etherner module
    • 6 wire cable – data transfer + power supply for console